Tuesday 16 March 2010

"Cultural Preservation, A Growing Imperative": Would this be "Nationalism" or "Internationalism"?

Just as I was ploughing through the turgid disorganized verbosity of the latest intellectual products of a bunch of US homegrown "scholars" on the subject of so-called "cultural property nationalism", I came across the comments of another American, Smithsonian Institution's Richard Kurin: "Cultural Preservation: A Growing Imperative". I wondered which of the two groups defined by their wholly inadequate terminology ("Nationalists" versus "Internationalists") the ACCG would place Mr Kurin. Now, what I would really like to see is "professional numismatists" Sayles and Welsh in debate with a few real scholars from institutions like the Smithsonian on the issues they dismiss so glibly in their "Coin Collectors and Cultural Property Nationalism".

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