Wednesday 24 March 2010

Video of Giza "Looted Tomb" is a fake

I am not by any means a fan of Andrew Collins and his writings (he is the guy that "discovered and investigated" what he says is a "massive, previously unknown complex of caves, chambers and passageways beneath the Pyramids of Giza", which devotees believe has "implications for the search for the mythical Hall of Records"_- yeah right). This story on his website,if true, is of interest. It relates to an earlier one about some illegal diggings in Giza which were discvered when a tunnel collapsed killing some of the looters. Then a phone video turned up:
Although the phone video is a hoax, the illegal diggings were themselves real and produced a number of genuine artefacts that were spirited away before the police and SCA arrived on the scene. Many of these near priceless objects will already have been sold to the highest bidder. Even more bizarre are claims that, despite the tragedy of the six deaths, and the incarceration of various individuals, the illegal diggings in Nazlet el-Samman go on. Yes, they are doing it again now, at new sites in the same general area. It would seem that the trade in antiquities, whether genuine or fake, is so lucrative that these people simply cannot leave it alone.
Undiscriminating collectors too.

Here is the video. Now I have seen it, I really cannot see it fooling anyone at all, but I could be mistaken. It seems there are a lot of gullible people collecting antiquities who 'want to believe'. The reason why Collins was so interested is visible here.

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