Friday 19 March 2010

Pages gone

There is a page from November 2007 apparently gone from one of the blogs. It was savaging me for criticising the policies and methods of the US Ancient Coins for Education programme (I of course had sent a reply as a comment to its author pointing out that he had forgotten to give the link where the reader would have seen I was quoted out of context - but the blog's author never posted it).

It also contained an interesting exchange between Mr Sayles and a British citizen who took exception to some of the things he was saying about British metal-detecting. I rather think the Brit won the argument. Maybe Sayles decided to remove the post after having met some real British metal detectorists...

UPDATE: I see another page has gone too, the one called "Goose-stepping". Fortunately for us, this literary masterpiece has been saved for the moment on another blog...
"Archaeological Goose-stepping is usually hidden behind the euphemistic and seemingly altruistic appeal of serving the “Greater Good.” [...] In their latest blog postings, archaeologists Nathan Elkins and Paul Barford do a little Goose-stepping for no apparent reason other than to rattle an institutional sabre. [...] In the mind of Mr. Elkins, the completely legal activity in question is unethical. By what ethical standard, I might ask, does this activity warrant censure? The only answer possible is by the standard imposed by the Goose-stepping Mr. Elkins and those in rank and file with him. [...] What balderdash, Nathan Elkins is simply Goose-stepping in the second row. Mr. Barford’s post is equally preposterous [...] The real issue, as I have said in the past, is one of control. Goose-stepping is all about control and domination [...].
and so on...

On hindsight, I think Sayles deleted these posts in which he calls his opponents names in order to create a framework within which HE could then disuss the "civility" (or lack thereof) of the preservation lobby he insists on atacking.

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Robyn said...

Hi Paul,
Let's not forget a prime example of Wayne Sayles' "civility" here:

Who does he think he's fooling?

Take care,

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