Thursday 29 April 2010

For Antiquity Collectors, Only "Size" Matters

Coineys are crowing:
The results are in -- The ACCG/VCoins free fax campaign comes in first with nearly 2,000! Well done everyone! Second place is SAFE's campaign which sent in half of that number: The gargantuan AIA with its 200,000 membership limped home in third place saying "Thanks to your response, the AIA sent in hundreds of letters...":
Obviously the ACCG thinks "size matters". The issue is whether 2000 barely articulate messages consisting of bits cut-and-pasted from a prepared script mean anything much to the CPAC when many (most?) are protesting against something that is not on the cards ("all Roman coins as Italy's heritage" as opposed to "ancient objects being exported from Italy"). Actually as any coiney who can actually read can check, the "1000" SAFE posts mentioned on the website are nothing to do with the 2010 MOU extension, they were from the 2005 campaign (the webpage is clearly dated)! In fact the AIA and SAFE gave the direct address to the CPIA, no need for any "fax wizard" (allowing the host to both count and vet any messages sent). Neither SAFE nor the AIA felt the need to count how many of their members were towing the party line, something this post suggests is so very important in coin-collecting circles.

Note the "VCoins" at the head of the post.

Vignette: In this photo by Andres Monory, Ms Amy Gullabel, ACE Latin Teacher at the Gengis Khan High School for Girls, Madison, WI shows how many faxes she sent through V-Coins ("the really ethical website") to show how she felt about Italy wanting help with curbing illegal exports of archaeological material.

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