Friday 23 April 2010

Barford wants evidence Produced in "Ancient Artifacts" case

Ten days ago Tim Haines from Evesham Worcester, after making sure I could not answer him, put a thread on the Yahoo "Ancient Artifacts" discussion list which he moderates (I use the term loosely) which accused me of theft (Thread: "[Ancientartifacts] theft by Mr Barford"). Pure smear tactics. Despite being asked in public here and in a private email drawing attention to that, Mr Haines has so far refused to back up his foundationless accusation with any proof or even state what I stand accused of "stealing". Both in his accusation and failure to come forward to say to my face what he has fewer problems muttering behind my back, the moderator of the Yahoo Ancient Artifacts discussion list thus shows himself to be a man lacking in honour and scruples. That should not surprise us, after all Tim Haines is an antiquities dealer on eBay.

I leave it up to the reader to judge whether I have "stolen" any artefact as Mr Haines asserts. The reader will have to ask themselves whether they believe a British collector of and small-time dealer in no-questions-asked Egyptian antiquities. One who cannot tolerate on his discussion list robust comments on the current state of the antiquities trade. One who has not the guts to come in person here and say to my face what he is only willing to mutter behind my back amongst his artefact collecting cronies when he knows there is no danger of me answering.



Niek said...

Dear Paul,
I can inform the reader of this blog about this "case" as i am still a member, but I see from the previous blog that you deleted someone else's response because it was not Mr. Haines. So, do you want to give the reader more information about this "case" or is not about the content?
N. de Haan

Paul Barford said...

well, Niek I have already told "the reader of this blog" about the "content" of Haines' accusation, but I am more interested in its context, and that the potentially damaging allegation may surface again taken out of context.

Your less than valiant list-fuehrer seems to have difficulty articulating in the open what he did enclosed among guffawing collectors. He obviously prefers to leave it to others to do it for him.

Now we see the sort of behaviour which Haines apparently wants to promote by keeping the Yahoo Ancient Artifacts collectors' list a dirty-laundry-hiding closed-archive one.

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