Thursday 8 April 2010

Loot your own bits of the parish's history, all in a "good cause"

Metal detecting (artefact hunting) at Woodhill Farm, Bushton, pertinent questions asked by Heritage Action:

These experts (from the Portable Antiquities Scheme possibly) could be asked, straight out, if they actually think this event is a good idea? Or if they are actually there to record what they can because the event is going ahead anyway, whatever anyone says? Did they actually ENCOURAGE this event? Have they ever encouraged ANY such event? (Pin them down. Ask them for a yes or a no.) In their opinion is the investigation of the buried archaeological resource here needed? In view of English Heritage’s guidelines for proper professional investigations is it being done in the best way or a totally and utterly inferior and damaging way that English Heritage would say no archaeologist should dream of employing? (Make sure you ask these questions to any archaeologists or archaeological bodies you can find, but in strict confidence, and make sure the answers are unequivocal. If they say this event is a good thing and they want it to go ahead then ask them to put it in writing. And draw your own conclusions when they won’t!)

Now if you look at Google Earth even you can see that between Buston and Clyffe Pepard there are preserved earthworks of what looks like a DMV (Deserted medieval village) and lots of ridge-and-furrow. Lovely area for a spot of non-invasive landscape fieldwork, but no, instead of encouraging that, Britain's largest "archaeological outreach project" will be on hand to assist collectors in the raping of part of the record.

Will the Reverend Phil E. Stein, metal-detector-encouraging rector of Clyffe Pypard, be on hand to give the Church's blessing to the PAS and all the non-local looters to ensure they get as much "stuff" as possible?

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