Tuesday 20 April 2010

Proof Positive?

Dear oh dear.
Lets see Mark [Lehman] when you say how well PAS works in England with the local authorities are we talking about that slimeball organization that felt compelled to create a fake archeologist to use to try to harass and numiliate collectors. The same organization that set up a blog under a false name and stole peoples scans in the process? This all in a country that already has the best laws protecting cultural properties. What will the new organizations that are set up to monitor any new agreements look like? Especially in the "NEW USA" that has criminals at the head of things like the IRS. I prefer thre old system.
Wow. I have a theory that there is something in the corrosion products of old coins that does this, maybe fungal spores or something? So far there is little emerging from the milieu that falsifies it. Mr Joe Blazick ("Romanpeddler") seems to have something against the Internal_Revenue_Service and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Actually, self-evidently the need for a PAS in the first place is proof that Britain has pretty useless "laws protecting cultural properties" (sic).

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