Thursday 17 November 2011

Ethics in the Antiquities Trade, "Nazi" Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Pointing out that a useful code of ethics for coin collectors could contain elements that confront the issue of the presence of illicit coins on the market instead of weasel-wording around the issue, I was accused by one dealer of living in "Cloud Cuckoo Land". He deliberately used the German term and he received the Godwinian reward he was looking for; summoning up all the intellect one might expect from the US dugup coin-collecting community, on one of Welsh's discussion lists, ebay coin dealer "Tim3rexes" retorts:
Wolkenkuckucksheim land? I've always pictured Barford as imagining that he lived in Berlin in 1938 or 1939 and that he was a valued member of the party.
So now ethical trade in coins is linked with the Nazi Party. What new surprises can the coiney intellect come up with on this issue?

Vignette: Google search has a lot on a person calling himself "Tim3rexes", 50 years old from Georgia. Is this the guy who fantasises about Nazis on coiney discussion lists? If so, he'd probably prefer me not to say where I found the photo. Dangerous place the Internet, you meet all kinds.

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