Sunday 27 November 2011

The Trade in Dugup Artefacts

A dugup antiquity dealer examines the background to the US trade in dug-up antiquities and exclaims that in this trade:
"Clearly something that cannot withstand the light of day is going on and [...] it is essential to expose it to the full glare of public scrutiny".
I agree, there should be more transparency about the actual origins and passage of the coins here, for example, from a hole in the ground to the US market ("161 Ancient Dealers, 108,549 Items, $23,053,106 Value"). Where did they all "surface", when and how? This information certainly should be made available to public scrutiny.

This seems to be something that bodies such as the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild should be addressing on behalf of all responsible collectors of ancient coins concerned about the hygiene of their collections.

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