Friday 11 November 2011

A UK Metal Detectorist's Business Contacts?

A while ago my personal email address started being targeted by spammers with high volumes of a new variety of the crap and I am pretty sure the person behind this is a British-based metal detectorist with business interests in the Internet money-making schemes community out to annoy me. Most of the stuff that ends up in my spam folder is for weak-brained tekkies with penile dysfunction but among them I found this gem, and reproduce it here (without the hyperlinks) to show the sort of business contacts these sort of people maintain:
Hello, This is Ms Liu jifen at Xiongxian Guantong Caps Manufacturing Co., ltd in China. It is my honour today to visit your company webiste. We are specialized in the production of custom baseball caps. The following pictures for your reference, any demands of caps pls feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Contact: Liu Jifen Export Department, Company:xiongxian guantong Caps Manufacturing Co.,ltd
Skype: [...]
Email: [....]
Now, I am no baseball player, but I imagine its not unlike cricket, and it seems to me that such a feature would not particularly enhance a game of baseball in the dark. So who, in the world of metal detecting might need a cap which leaves both hands free to do "something" in the dark?

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