Monday 28 November 2011

Knowing the Law

Dealer Dave of Classical coins takes exception to my explaining what an illicit antiquity is ("Lawyer Barford"):
Barford [...] now seeks to misrepresent himself as a lawyer, despite the fact that his qualifications in that field are just as insignificant as his knowledge of ancient numismatics.
I don't think anyone except Dealer Dave can see anywhere on my blog where I represent myself as a lawyer (or a numismatist, ancient or modern).

I drive a car and thus I know the law referring to that activity, many of us have work in fields which require us to know the relevant laws referring to that business, trade or working environment (even if it is just employment law and Health and Safety). Archaeologists need to know the law on these things too, as well as those that specifically affect ancient monuments and artefacts. Likewise those who sell and buy dugup antiquities should know the law concerning that activity. It would seem however that Dug-Up-Dealer Welsh Dave thinks only a "lawyer" would need to understand these things, and citing chapter and verse to counter what I said seems to be beyond him, so would you buy a used coin from this man?

The problem with collecting antiquities is the same as driving a car on the road, it is those that are ignorant of and who disregard the law on both activities which makes them both so much more dangerous.

Vignette: Dealer Swiss Tony Would you buy a used coin from this man?

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