Friday 2 December 2016

Friday Retrospective: Alexandrian Tetras and US Coiney Dishonesty

Bearing in mind the kneejerk hoo-haa coin dealers and their llobbyists are trying to arouse over the US signing an MOU with Egypt that it is, after all, going to honour the fact that they are state party to the 1970 UNESCO Convention, I thoughtit might be taking another look at some of the methods of pseudo-argument they marshall. This is from June 2014, but the message seems not to have sunk in among coin fondlers (who fondle more than read I guess):
'Alexandrian Tetras and US Coiney Dishonesty '
Despite the low literacy levels, I would however place the stress on dishonesty. I think you cannot trust many dealers in dugup antiquities (or their slimeball paid lobbyists) any further than you could throw them.

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