Monday 19 December 2016

UK "Archaeological outreach": Dumbest of the Dumbdowns

"Star, innit?"
"Archaeological artefact fans (sic) might like to follow for his "
on the other hand, they could use the database stats to see how many metal detected objects he's recording while looking for Christmas-themed things to post on Twitter... .

I have more than once remarked that there are far more useful things FLOs and the PAS could use social media for in their outreach and establishing standards of best practice among the main group of 'finders' they now deal with. But you tell them that and you'll hear "we have no time".

They obviously have plenty of time to find "five gold rings","four calling birds", a "star to put on your Xmas tree" and other such trite dumbdown crap.

The aim of the PAS was not supposed to be to pander to  "fans of archaeological artefacts" but "to advance knowledge of history and archaeology". "Here's a star-shape I found" is not advancing any knowledge. It is just playing about at (considerable) public expense. But apparently this is approved by Head office:
Beautiful nativity scene to start the period. Don't forget to follow our FLOs for more !
What a shame we cannot follow them for first rate archaeology. 

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