Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Year: Last lots Available

From among the Yahoos:
Hi Friends and Clients,  As you may know, the new Antiquities law has taken effect here in Israel with all inventory now locked in to the Antiquities Authority's national computer database system in an effort to track and then strangle the free trade of antiquities here. Consequently, we have our last 45kg remaining of Uncleaned, Unattributed Ancient coins of mixed varieties remaining. Approximately 350-400 coins per kg on average, and price is 550 USD per kg for 5kg minimum purchase. Thus price works out to be approximately 1-2 USD per coin. Truly "available while supplies last" on a first-come, first-served basis until sold - and because of the new law, once sold there will be no more, so get 'em while they're hot (available). We look forward to hearing from you. kindest regards, B. Leon  Z.Z. Antiquities, Ltd. Jerusalem
Mr Leon "antiquities dealers to antiquities dealers" has figured on the pages of this blog before, notably here. One obvious interpretation of the fact that so few dealers in dugup antiquities will accept any form of registering of artefacts already in circulation at a given date is that it would really quickly reveal how many of the objects they sell are indeed freshly arrived on the market (from where?) after that date. They try to suggest other justifications, but deep down, we all know what is the more likely reason. Look at what is happening in Israel at the moment with registration of Israeli dealers' stocks. If they cannot sell freshly-acquired stuff and have to rely on what really, truly comes from old stock and old collections, the trade dies. As the dealer quoted above admits. But then is a trade which relies on selling freshly-surfaced paperless commodities not something that should die out anyway in the 21st century?

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