Friday 9 December 2016

Who we Are: UK Metal Detectorists' Joke

UK Metal Detectorists' Joke
"Q. What’s the difference between the Treasure Trove Awards Committee and terrorists? 
A. You can negotiate with terrorists."
The Treasure award in the UK is discretionary, it can always be withheld. There is also a procedure for questioning the TVC valuation. But even with a system where Treasure hunters are treated fairly and generously at public expense, instead of being locked up as they are elsewhere, individuals like these want more, and more.

Vignette: metal detectorists, vacant as they come.


Hougenai said...

The old ones are the good ones. When I first heard this joke it was 'What's the difference between a Redhead and a group of international; terrorists?'.
At the risk of being called sexist and gingerist etc this version was far more amusing

Paul Barford said...

Metal detectorists and collectors in generally are not known for their originality of thought. Many of them are particularly thick. I think one can safely assume that all the pathetically scatological and puerile jokes from this particular 'source' are modified versions of jokes cut and pasted from the Internet.

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