Wednesday 28 December 2016

Metal Detectorist Caught with Artefacts in Sicily

Carabinieri TPC ,
Police caught a metal detecting artefact hunter looting a site of a Arab-Norman castle in Francavilla di Sicilia, Messina province. At the sight of the police, the man tried to escape, trying to get rid of the metal detector and other tools for digging, but was captured shortly thereafter. During the subsequent house search, the police found numerous illegally obtained archaeological finds of the Arab-Norman period: 183 ancient coins and 44 metal objects of various types (rings, buckles etc). The man, a 53 year old , was charged with illegal interference with an archaeological site and unauthorized appropriation of cultural goods belonging to the State.

Fortunately, most countries in the EU recognize looting of archaeological sites for personal entertainment and profit for what it is, only a few small islands just off the coast of the continent have a different view, but since they are leaving the EU in the next few years and losing any influence they may have had, the opinion of British looters and their archaeological supporters will no longer count for much.

Vignette:  a sad policeman looks at photos of part of the looter's collection. Note the characteristics of the equipment behind.


David Gill said...

The Carabinieri perceive metal-detecting on archaeological sites for what it is and the damage it causes. The Bloomsbury group do not seem to understand the issues.

Paul Barford said...

Which is why it is a shame that the apathy of our colleagues has left the "Bloomsbury group" dominating the so-called heritage debate because as you say they quite clearly are missing the main issue and can hardly be said to be encouraging open debate. On the contrary.

Unknown said...

More precisely since Italian legislation, the Carabinieri protect as they can what is under the ground which IS NOT property of the owner of the plot but of the Italian State. A principle that should be adopted by other nations too...

Paul Barford said...

let me add, property of the state on behalf of ALL of its citizens, a point which the dealers and their idiot lobbyists fail to understand because of their perception of the state as an instrument of repression.

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