Saturday, 5 August 2017

US Coiney Brain Fluff

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Wayne Sayles has created a post which shows more clearly than anything I could ever produce the extent of the intellectual marasma  prevalent among coin fondlers over there.
He writes of some 'unintended consequences' of the USA implementing the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, and alleged 'ideologically inspired bureaucratic overreach', something this old man has been banging senselessly on about for decades without changing his tune. So now he's posting some links to a coiney blogger (Scott Barman) has been writing in past years which he feels independently endorse his views. He calls Barmen's writing 'insightful', from a coiney perspective ('Mr. Barman exhibits a remarkable degree of restraint and appeals both to law and common sense'). He then gives the links. I'll give them too, so you can  'evaluate the ancient coin collector perspective'. Sayles says these links to what Barman writes will enable you to do that 'without the mindless media disinformation barrage of our times', well let us see where the mindlessness lies:
'Why you should care about restrictions on collecting ancient coins', Apr 8, 2013

'The law of unintended consequences', Sep 26, 2013
'Ancient Collectors need your help', May 13, 2014

 'An Ancient Dilemma' Jul 11, 2014

'Stop the government from turning ancient coin collectors into criminals', Apr 25, 2016

' Collectors of ancient coins need your help!', Sep 19, 2016
Two of these posts consist mainly of a cut and paste from propaganda posts by paid lobbyist Peter Tompa, they do not represent Mr Barman's 'insight', just that he's a sheep following the bellwether into coiney La-La-Land. In the other three Mr Barman shows he has not really dissected the coiney trade reasoning and actually established for himself what the CCPIA is about. I rather think that if you look at Barman's arguments, he has simply followed the ACCG line with zero independent thinking and analysis. His anecdote about the tourists caught smuggling shows he is totally unaware of the connections between facts and cannot distinguish them from the damaging fantasy propagated by the coin trade.

I recommend reading this guff to show, once again, why it is a total waste of time trying to discuss things with a group of people so wholly wrapped up in narratives of their own creation which have little relationship to the realities of the actual case against the no-questions-asked trade in a market potentially supplied by looters and smugglers. They wilfully alienate themselves from meaningful participation in the heritage debate.

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