Sunday, 6 August 2017

Patience Running out with Trite ISIL-Focussed US Journalistic Hyperbole

More US Fake news:

1) Michael Press‏ @MichaelDPress 3 godziny temu
I see ISIS's loss of territory hasn't stopped the flow of crappy articles focusing misleadingly on only ISIS looting
2) Michael Press‏ @MichaelDPress 3 godziny temu
Once again, ISIS was never the only looter (or even the biggest looter) operating in Syria and Iraq
tudy Finds ISIS Militants Aren’t the Only Ones Looting Syrian Archaeological Sites' Hyperallergic October 26 2015
Responsible estimates have actually been much lower, & $100+ mil/year was debunked long ago (is there new evidence?)
5) 2 godz.2 godziny temu
In fact, *most* objects coming out of Syria likely fake. Look at the article's photos, esp the "early Byzantine" Bible "excavated" in Aleppo

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