Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Saving the Heritage... without the Artefact Hunters

Rescue have published an eighth version of Fighting Back – our suggestions as to how to campaign to save our museums, archaeological services and the historic environment. These notes are intended to provide guidance for campaigners seeking to protect and preserve local and regional archaeological and heritage services and museums from cuts which will damage the service they deliver to the profession, to academia and to the public at large. They are also relevant to campaigns to protect and preserve specific buildings, sites and landscapes from destruction or destructive redevelopment. They are based on the experience of members of the committee of RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust and on advice we have received from other campaigners.
Given all the guff from the Establishment about UK artefact hunters 'saving the past' due to their 'passionate interest in history', it is noteworthy that neither they nor their organizing bodies are anywhere mentioned in this document (neither do they have one of their own).

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