Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Liberian Smuggler Captured in Libya with Coins for Foreign Market

Some of the 580 ancient coins
found on the Liberian suspect
 (Photo: Rada) 
Ity seems there is no shortage of potential buyers for smuggled items from war-torn Libya who will not be asking too many questions about how and when they left the country (Libya Herald reporters, 'Rada seize smuggler with ancient coins at Mitiga' Libya Herald, 7 August 2017)::
A Liberian national caught at Tripoli’s Mitiga airport with [...] ancient coins is reported to have told Rada deterrence force investigators that this was not the first time he had sought to smuggle out Libyan antiquities. Rada said that the coins are Roman, though some of the 580 seized pieces it pictured appear to have Greek lettering. [...] As yet, Rada has not said if the Liberian has revealed where he acquired the coins, which he admitted he planned to sell abroad.
Of course there are quite a lot of dealers and collectors in the US which would welcome the movement of such objects across US borders without any restrictions on their import. that is what they've recently been asking the Department of State to arrange for them.  Peter Tompa says in Washington that there is 'no reason' for them. Shame on the lot of them.

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