Friday, 2 February 2018

Deputy Director of The British Museum Experiencing Looting For Herself

Joanna Mackle Deputy Director of The British Museum 'experiencing metal detecting with Adam J. Daubney in Lincolnshire'. One might ask why. No GPS, no pinpointer, no finds pouch, did she have a landowner finds agreement, has she read the Code of practice for Responsible Detecting? What kind of 'experience' is that? Not content with the Parthenon Marbles, the BM seems intent on looting far more than Britain's lost colonial empire, but now turning inward, and Looting Britain now.

I wonder whether the metal detectorists and FLO engaged her in conversation about the BM's firing of Dan Pett, creator of the PAS database?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she didn't get the memo? (For all their backslapping, I can't remember seeing any images of PAS people joining in with the activity).

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