Monday, 26 February 2018

East is East, and West is West, and Shall Never the Twain...? Cleveland Art Museum Looks for a New Curator

Eh, see me? 
Now that Michael Bennett is leaving the Cleveland Museum of Art  (Steven Litt, Curator who defended purchase of Apollo bronze leaves Cleveland Museum of Art for Florida job The Plain Dealer Feb 24th 2018), they are looking for a replacement.
The Cleveland museum said in its online job posting for the antiquities job that it "seeks a highly motivated individual to oversee the display, interpretation, and growth of the museum's collection of ancient western art," a collection of over 1,100 works that includes art from the ancient Near East, ancient Egypt, Greece, Etruria and Rome.
It's a bit odd though that all the countries mentioned as sources of their 'western art' actually lie to the east of Donald Trump's increasingly isolationist US. Would candidates who have an interest in and experience with, for example, Pueblo art 'be particularly appealing' too?

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