Thursday, 1 February 2018

Artefacts Now Being Stolen from Archaeology Store in UK [Updated]

Legal artefact hunting is not enough for some it seems, and allows the market for portable antiquities to expand unchecked:
Breaking: Reports of theft and vandalism at the Canterbury Archaeological Trust workshop and stores. £1k worth of tools stolen as well as finds including Saxon beads, worked bone + replicas. Police Aware. Please report any suspicious material you come across. Please RT
Unfortunately there has been a very serious break-in and theft from our main archive in Canterbury. Over 850 Anglo-Saxon glass beads, large quantities of coins and metal artefacts, and replicas from our education collection have been taken. Please spread the word!
Some of the stolen items can be seen here.

Update 16.03.18
Canterbury Archaeological Trust
GOOD NEWS!!! We are very pleased to announce that yesterday, officers from Kent Police, accompanied by members of staff from Canterbury Archaeological Trust, recovered a large quantity of stolen artefacts and other items from a derelict property on Military Road, Canterbury. Most, if not all, of the estimated 2000 archaeological finds stolen from our Kingsmead store in January were recovered. Thankfully, most, including over 800 Anglo-Saxon glass beads, were recovered in their labelled bags, meaning they can be easily re-archived. The Trustees, staff and volunteers of Canterbury Archaeological Trust would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to Kent Police for taking the necessary action to recover these irreplaceable pieces of the city and county’s heritage. A small number of items from our educational loans collection were also recovered, but the majority of the valuable replica items taken from this collection were not found at the property and remain missing. These include a number of replica Bronze Axe axe-heads and replica Beaker pots. If anyone does have any information about the people responsible for these thefts, or about any of the missing items, please contact Kent Police or Canterbury Archaeological Trust.
 Although the stuff was stolen from Kingsmede, Military Road is just round the corner from the Trust's office. It seems the thieves (squatters?) had no idea how to sell the antiquities.

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