Saturday, 16 June 2018

PAS Database: how many lies?

"there’s an unknown but probably
 very large degree of error in PAS based PhDs"

This week, Heritage Action ask about the reliability of the second-hand 'data' supplied to FLOs which make up the PAS database. Despite this question being raised many times before, no attempt is still being made by the PAS for verifying the reported findspot of the finds they record (such as by demanding to see a finds release protocol signed by the landowner for any reported item to show the legitimacy of the finder handling the find in the first place  - and thus the legality of their own use of these data). Why not? Is the farmer aware of what he has let leave his property?


Ordinary Bloke said...

Of course, a release protocol pins an artefact to the farm the detectorist wishes to say it came from, not to the farm it DID come from. So laundering by find spot location still remains alive and well.

There's no such problem with amateur archaeologists of course as they aren't in it for grabs.

Paul Barford said...

and the PAS, by not requiring to see a document assigning title are complicit.

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