Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Real Progress of PAS Outreach

Heritage action, 'FFF (Farmer Fooling Falsehoods!)' 3rd June 2018:
Historic England has just pressed, sensibly, for any detecting on registered battlefields to be part of an organised and structured archaeological survey". Yet the National Council for Metal Detecting refuses, claiming that having no archaeological involvement is the best way to gather evidence. That, surely, defies all logic and is the mother of all Farmer Fooling Falsehoods. Sadly though, there was no complaint from Historic England. Instead they responded: "There is no question that detectorists share a passion for our history .... We really value the opportunity to work with detectorists...." If you wonder what's wrong with Britain's stewardship of its buried archaeological resource, there's the answer. Acquisitive people refusing to do the right thing and mouthing obvious and highly damaging falsehoods yet saluted for their passion for history. It really could have been PAS speaking.

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