Saturday, 9 June 2018

'Responsible Detecting', was is das?

There is a twitter hashtag '', but you will seek in vain there for a decent definition of what is and what is not 'responsible' Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record - or how it has been established that such a thing can actauly exist. If something is damaging a resource, then how can doing that thing be 'responsible'? The Twitter feed just contains finders and PAS gatekeepers showcasing more and more 'wotta-lotta-stuff-we-got' decontextualised artefacts in the ephemeral, scattered (and you can bet for the most part poorly documented) personal artefact collections of their finders. In what was is it 'responsible' to rip this stuff out of the ground in this manner and for the self-centred purpose of collecting it, and in what way is it 'responsible' of heritage professionals to support and aid it? Let the public see some real answers and accountability on social media accounts like '#responsibledetecting'

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