Wednesday, 20 June 2018

UK Artefact Hunter Explains Away Artefact Hunting on Hadrian's Wall Protected Site

Holey Moley.. tekkies
won't accept the blame
In response to the BBC report 'Metal Detectorists Damage Hadrian's Wall', a troll with a metal detector who hangs around the RESCUE Facebook page to cause disruption every time artefact hunting comes up suggests it is a conspiracy:
John Maloney Somewhat amazing that "hole + nothing else = detectorist". Especially in a time where everyone carries a camera.....[...] What's to stop an irate archaeologist with a spade setting something up? Like I said... everyone carries a camera these days. Equally amazing the headlines this grabs almost as though it was pre arranged....
But when he is answered, immediately Mr Malony drags things down to the usual personal level and football-hooligan taunting that tekkies apparently love.

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