Saturday, 30 June 2018

Salerno Seizure, objects sent back

Caught red-handed, sackloads of
coins destined for the market.
Such coins surfacing on any
market should be considered
guilty until proven innocent
Italy returns 23,000 coins and 195 archaeological finds to Egypt seized in May 2017, by customs authorities as part of a Carabinieri_ investigation in Salerno, Italy. Italy Returns Trafficked Artifacts to the Archaeological Departments of the Ministry of Antiquities of the Republic of Egypt ARCA Blog Friday, June 29, 2018.
The pieces were discovered during a seizure which took place in May 2017, at the customs area of ​​the port of Salerno, by the Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Naples, in collaboration with the officials of the Customs Agency and the local Superintendency.  The stop, was part of a customs inspection of a container which was marked as being for the transport of only household goods.
Readers might remember the fuss the coineys made when the US was about to sign a cultural property agreement with Egypt, they suggested that so many ptolemainc coins were struck and circulated outside modern Egypt that there was no need for the US markety to be supplied in them from Egypt itself (so the agreement should exempt coins). Well, here are several sackloads of coins found going from Egypt to the international markets with the involvements of some criminals on the way. When are the coineys going to stop their destructive obstructions and settle down to cleaning up their grubby market? 

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