Sunday, 5 August 2018

'For the Avoidance of Doubt: Charity Artefact Hunting Rallies ARE a Complete Racket'

It is difficult not to agree.
Heritage Action 'For the avoidance of doubt: charity detecting rallies ARE a complete racket' 5th August 2018
I think we should have a list published of the "charities" that actually without scruples accept donations of money generated in such a manner. Then the rest of us decent folk can decide if we will support those charities ourselves. That would be a way to hit the heritage snatchers where it hurts, remove their apparent 'respectability'. Let British charities grown some ethics-awareness and not aid the stripping of heritage assets for money. 


Unknown said...

One this was a charity dig for and on behalf of a veteran charity and UK veteran's supporting it ! For a supposed intelligent man you show little to none as engaging your gob before brain and facts ! You only serve to belittle yourself and have certainly alienated yourself in this intriguing hobby that supplies mot finds and historic substance than the whole of the trowel scrapers put together ! Who I must say work hand in hand with detectorist so they miss little too nothing ! You have made a world wide pointer of yourself ! Have a nice day duck for brains

Paul Barford said...

Veteran's what?
Do 'unknowns' know how to use a dictionary? It might be useful to use it from time to time before using big words like 'belittle' and 'duck'.

And I am really concerned to learn that I might have 'alienated myself' in such an intriguing hobby as 'mot-finding' and the accumulation of 'historic substance'.

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