Sunday, 19 August 2018

Defending Not Doing Anything About the Scale and Intensity of Collection Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Resource in Britain; Why?

In response to the coverage of 2018's Global Warming Warning Parchmarks, Heritage Action have a few comments on the recent attempts of academics to stave off questions about UK heritage policy: 'A question writ large in the sun drenched fields: “Why the hell defend “laissez faire”? 19/08/2018. The Ixelles Six/Helsinki Gang, it is true did attempt to give reasons why they are defending 'lassez faire', but only in order to produce a smokescreen for not answering the main issue raised in Hardy's paper 'Estimation of the scale and intensity of metal detecting and the quantity of metal-detected cultural goods: A quantitative analysis of open-source data on metal detecting for cultural property'.

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Ordinary Bloke said...

Since "lassez faire" is taken by thousands of individuals to mean "freedom to legally steal the public's knowledge" the Six plus One have no business defending it.

There's an invalid reason though. Have you seen the Darwinian Quango Survival Dance?

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