Saturday, 4 August 2018

UK Charity Heritage Hero: 'Should of Took it Mate!'

Heritage Action:
A Roman enamelled gold ring has been found by a metal detectorist on a “charity” dig held on a known site at Crewkerne where a rare Roman lead-lined coffin had been found.

Permission for the event had been given on the basis it was “for charity” so the detectorist will be donating his share of any proceeds or reward to the charity.

We presume.
I presume the charitable landowner who gave permission for the 'charity' heritage grabfest will join in with the generous giving and will be doing the same...

Meanwhile there are some damaging oikish types saying that we should 'orl be gratefull' that the archaeological find was reported in the first place, the finder's barely-literate-mates are on the case:
Jason Massey: Well I've been offered 60k in a private message but obviously I said do one (sic).
Ryan Coin Hunter Rees: There you go in the right place/auction wich I doubt youl be able to do lol I can see it doing well over 80,000+. should of took it m8 afyer all its only a ring
Jason Massey: Lol had a auctioneer say if I could take it abroad I could get 2 million mate in the right auction house
Ryan Coin Hunter Rees: Is that in african dollars ? Only joking m8. When it goes international youl shit your self when see the numbers spiral out of control . but museum will pay what they say is right ....  get plenty of valuations jason and take no shit m8 seriously they try gave have your pants down m8 there ruthless
Jason Massey: Yes I've seen it before mate
So, are they suggesting that the establishment would short-change a charity?


Unknown said...

I think you've missed the point of what the 'charity' in charity dig means. Detecting for Veterans are a group of mostly ex-military detectorists who pay a fee to attend a dig. The fee goes to charity and the detectorists can keep what they find or share with the landowner in the event of a valuable find. The group members have donated many thousands of pounds to service charities since the group started.

Paul Barford said...

>>I think you've missed the point of what the 'charity' in charity dig means. <<

Oh really? Thanks, ever so Mr 'Unknown', for explaining it to stupid old me...

On the other hand there are some of us who perhaps have a different idea what charity is than creeps shelling out to have access to a resource so they can then proceed to fill their own pockets from it.... Charity for Gain that is.

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