Tuesday 21 August 2018

Is it Collectors that are the real Looters, or Those that Continue to Empower Them?

'Pieterjan Deckers, Andres Dobat, Natasha Ferguson, Stijn Heeren, Michael Lewis, and Suzie Thomas may wish to reflect on whether or not their own position is endangering the finite archaeological record'. 
So says Prof. David Gill. Lets add Raimund Karl to that list too. It is time for them to explain how, in the face of the scale of unmitigated knowledge theft by Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record in England and Wales (not to mention Scotland) that they so gaily ignore in their attempts to trash Dr Sam Hardy's research, they are not contributing to this situation. And if they cannot do that, shame on them and the academic community that does not hold them responsible for their actions.

We are still waiting for the 'Helsinki Gang's' considered response to Hardy's reply here.

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