Sunday 17 February 2019

Bogeyman "Marxism" and the Tory Department of Media, Culture and Sport

Metal detectorist comment on the discussion document of the proposed changes to the Treasure Act:
 Thanks to the myopic and compliant Department of Media Culture and Sport, unsurprisingly, this Marxist nightmare is about to come true 
So perhaps we now have a clue as to the identity of the vandals who, the night before last damaged the Grade I-listed  Karl Marx memorial in Highgate Cemetery (Lucy Middleton, 'Karl Marx memorial vandalised for second time in two weeks' Metro Saturday 16 Feb 2019).

Heritage-hating metal detectorists or eastern European immigrants?

PS, it is worth following that 66 million figure back to see where it comes from, and who is using it most frequently and in what context.

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kyri said...

they should put cameras up that would stop the idiots,it worked when they kept vandalising the stephen lawrence memorial,.its a beautiful cemetry but i prefer the older part opposite ,i used to climb over the walls and walk arround the catacombs for hours when i was a kid with my was our playground but we respected the place.

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