Sunday 3 February 2019

'Creativity' in the Fields, Blinkered Ivory Towerism in Bloomsbury

Creativity before creativity
Heritage Action are questioning Herr Fischer's Heritage Heresy ('BM’s director inadequately briefed by PAS?' 03/02/2019). Herr Fischer has infamously 'used awkward verbal gymnastics to justify keeping the Parthenon marbles: “When you move cultural heritage into a [collection], you move it out of context. Yet that displacement is also a creative act“...'. As HA drily remark: 'surely creating a colonial narrative at the expense of the Greek one is damage not creativity?'. They continue:
Worse (given his position): does he think “displacement” of 12 million recordable finds from Britain’s fields without reporting them to PAS or anyone else is creative? Last week we complained MPs are underinformed about that scandal. Is Mr Fischer equally unaware, else why say something so at odds with the domestic experience of his organisation? It’s not a good look: the Head of the BM saying “the marbles will never be returned” while tens of thousands of detectorists are signalling to him “You will never be told what I’ve found.” Perhaps there’s a conversation to be had between Mr Fischer and PAS about the reality of most “displacement” in Britain?
Perhaps the PAS can rope in Herr Fischer to explain how the displacement of millions of artefacts ripped out of the archaeological record by selfish collectors is not destruction, but 'creativity'. Like this:

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