Tuesday 26 February 2019

RESCUE on Proposed Changes to ‘Treasure’ Rules

The long anticipated new review of the Treasure Act is out for consultation until the end of April 2019 (Anon 'RESCUE says: Proposed changes to ‘Treasure’ rules include some of our policy proposals', RESCUE 25 February, 2019|).
The most interesting part of the consultation is headed ‘The long term future of the treasure process and its sustainability’. RESCUE is pleased to see that this includes suggestions for discussion similar to our own policies (see RESCUE policy document sections 10 and 11), that there should be a permit system for all archaeological work and that all archaeological objects found should be the property of the state – very different to the current emphasis on the outdated notion of ‘Treasure’. Given the potentially controversial aspects of some of the consultation we would encourage ALL our members to consider putting in a response. We would also welcome any constructive comment on this piece, which is our first thoughts about our own response.
Cue: metal detectorists....

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