Tuesday 26 February 2019

Gabor Wants you to Give Money so He Can Loot Britain's PASt

As we come up to Brexit month, Gabor Orban, apparently fresh from Szombathely in Hungary wants you to fork out some cash so he can go a-looting in the UK ('Weʼre raising £6,000 to Help me buy my first top metal-detector,to uncover relics, historical objects of old cultures' Just Giving Crowdfunding 26th Feb 2019)
Since I was a little kid, I have been walking the fields and rambling in the nature uncovering stones and rocks, various forms of nummulites. I have been lucky enough to have found several cultures artifacts and relics from past ages, which I gladly donated to museums. Technology has advanced tremendously in the meantime, pushing prices of devices down, still investing in a metal-detector that would make my job more successful is something I can't yet afford. I'm not making money by finding these items, I'd like to see myself as someone who contributes to realistic portrayal of past decades...  sort of like an Indiana Jones...but without the hat. :-) My searches will be conducted throughout the United Kingdom for the moment, I am researching documentations and publications and carefully choosing my locations before set out to explore. I hope many people will find value in what I do (besides my regular job) and help me invest in a device that could help me progress with my findings and shortens the time I am spending by walking and rambling around. Thank you all!
Researching documentations and publications means the intent is to target known sites. It is not looters that contribute to realistic portrayal of past decades (sic), is it?

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