Saturday 1 January 2022

Bobble Hat Brigade on Bonkers Britain TV

                    British bobble hats in action                    
Local reporter George Lythgoe is really excited that "Metal detectorists from Furness are set to take part in a five-part series on metal detecting that is set to hit screen on ITV very soon". This is referring to a series that British archaeologists have failed to condemn or conduct any educational outreach about is a follow up to the initial pilot episode of 'Henry Cole's Great British Treasure Hunt', broadcast on ITV4 back in December 2020.
Unearthed UK detectorist Graeme Rushton - who took part in the pilot show - said there is no confirmed date for the show yet but promises it will be "a big hit with British audiences". [...] Mr Rushton, of Unearthed UK in Dalton, said that the show has been approved for a five-part series running over the course of a week. It is due to air at the end of January or the beginning of February. "It was a hit with ITV higher ups and has been given the go ahead for a five-episode series which is great," he said. [...] Mr Rushton said it was tough with all the cameras. "I think that we showed the hobby in a really positive light and proved it isn't all about finding gold and silver all the time," he said.

Positive light? Oh,... we'll see.  I suppose how effective one thinks lowering an issue to the cringeworthy lowbrow level of Henry Cole's antics in the pilot episode is an effective advocacy technique. I'd like to think it is not. 


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