Tuesday 11 January 2022

Fifty Finds Series

Established in 2008, Amberley Publishing is an independent publisher based in Stroud, Gloucestershire of books on history and heritage. It collaborates with the PAS to produce the Fifty Finds Series

1.  Fifty Finds From Cheshire  Vanessa Oakden  (2015)

2.  Fifty Finds From Lincolnshire  Adam Daubney  

3.  Fifty Finds From Cumbria  Dot Boughton  

4.  Fifty Finds From Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire  Alastair Willis  

5.  Fifty Finds From Surrey David Wynn Williams  

 6.  Fifty Finds From Essex  Ben Paites  

 7.  Fifty Finds From Lancashire  Stuart Noon  

 8.  Fifty Finds From Manchester and Merseyside  Vanessa Oakden  

 9.  Fifty Finds From Yorkshire  Amy Downes, Rebecca Griffiths  

 10.  Fifty Finds From Hampshire",  Katie Hinds  

 11.  Fifty Finds From Wiltshire",  Richard Henry  

 12.  Fifty Finds from Oxfordshire",  Anni Byard  

 13.  Fifty Finds From Warwickshire",  Angie Bolton  

 14.  Fifty Finds from Staffordshire", Teresa Gilmore  

 15.  "Fifty Medieval Finds from the Portable Antiquities Scheme", Michael Lewis (2018) 

 16.  "Fifty Finds from Worcestershire",  Victoria Allnatt  (2018)

 17.  "Fifty Finds from Berkshire",  Anni Byard  (2019) 

 18.  "Fifty Roman Finds",  John Pearce, Sally Worrell  (2021)

 19.  "Fifty Finds of Roman Coinage" Andrew Brown  (2021)

 20.  "Fifty Finds of Early Medieval Coinage", John Naylor (2021)  

 21.  "Fifty Finds From Kent",  Jo Ahmet  (2021) Sold out already

22.  "Fifty Finds from Buckinghamshire",  Arwen Wood  (2021)

23.  "Fifty Bronze Age Finds", Dot Boughton  (2021)

forthcoming ("2030"): "Fifty Finds from Orkney: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme" Cassidy, Julie

There are very few reviews of these books in the literature, though some have small promotional vignettes in popular magazine. I believe David Gill has reviewed the Roman one, but in general these volumes seem to have been pretty much ignored by mainstream archaeology.  



Hougenai said...

Other titles unlikely to be found in the series;

'Fifty finds from the limited area of England accessed by detectorists'
'Fifty finds from adjacent to SAMs/HER sites'
'Fifty reported finds proportionally representative of the 450 unreported finds'
'Fifty finds not including those(from area) found as the result of archaeaological investigation'
'Fifty finds with dodgy spatial data'
'Fifty finds laundered by the PAS prior to advertising on Ebay'

In jest perhaps, but some of those titles would probably make a more informative read.

David Gill said...

For my review article on "Fifty Roman Finds"

David Gill said...

Two volumes reviewed by David Griffiths:
50 Finds from Cumbria. Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme
50 Finds from Manchester and Merseyside. Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Medieval Archaeology 62, 1 (2018) 210.

Paul Barford said...

Thanks David. I'll try and access the Griffiths one... In general, though I do think that the PAS could be aiming a bit higher than this.

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