Monday 3 January 2022

The Rhetoric of Furness Metal Detectorists

I got called out yesterday for referring to artefact hunters with metal detectors "bobble hats". I'd like to show the responses given to some perfectly cogent and civil comments by one or more people to an article in a local paper about an artefact hunter that was going to be doing his searching on television with "celebrity" Henry Cole that it was claimed " "show[s] the hobby in a really positive light". Hopefully for them, it's perhaps more than these comments do:

Absolute Prosser User ID: 3787507 1st January 05:21 pm
Sounds very much like you are suffering from a bout of jealousy! Have you ever met any of the Detectorists? Or are you just happy to troll even on new years day! Word has it that even the samaritains (sic) would hang up on you mrs elitist!!
What does that last comment mean? It is neither jealousy, nor trolling, to draw attention to some of the concerns raised by collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record.   
Absolute Prosser User ID: 3787507 2nd January 08:49 am
Well david, instead of hiding behind a keyboard like most trolls do, lets have a face to face meeting? That way you can rid yourself of any hatred you may have towards detectorists, I am a detectorist myself, I know some of the cast members too and I can vouch for them, try getting a decent job instead of "Scratting around" sandhills and waste-ridden ploughed fields looking for "Lost Furness" I cannot abide jealous haters, and you are one...
Is that an invitation to discuss the concerns raised by collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record over tea and doughnuts in a posh restaurant on the seafront? On it being pointed out that expressing a contrary position on artefact hunting in a public discussion is not "trolling" and from an archaeologist's point of view, the trashing of the archaeological record is not something to be particularly jealous of, the artefact hunter decides against talking face to face:
Absolute Prosser User ID: 3787507 2nd January 05:54 pm
I actually thought you were a decent chap, and speak to you a lot in town, when you are on your bike, I wont anymore and will tell others about your triggered thoughts on detectorists, well done! you ruined it for yourself!
No tea and doughnuts then? Odd way to go about things. 


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