Sunday 2 January 2022

Speaking Ill of the Dead

Many archaeologists tend to shrink from engaging more deeply with the public on issues such as Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record. Becoming a 'face' associated with the profession will often earn them little more than the sort of disrespectful comments that we see on the social media associated with a f commercial Metal Detecting Rally company. It concerns
 landscape archaeologist the Late Prof Mick Aston (1 July 1946 – 24 June 2013).
It is not clear whether Meryl Wright knew Mich Aston or is just repeating what she heard somebodty else say on a tekkie forum... in any case the grounds for the specific accusation about the alleged contents of his home are unclear. Perhaps his heirs will take it up in court.

For the record, and probably most (even British) archaeologists would (privately and ever so timidly) agree, most "metal detectorists" are indeed stealing history. There is no doubt at all about it. but just look at the hate from the grammar-challenged that speaking the truth still evokes eight years after the Professor's death. STOP Taking Our Past. In future, the hobby needs to strive to teach better spelling as well as good manners in metal-detecting school, in order to avoid the whole milieu being tarred with the same brush as vicious, uncouth people like these.

And Meryl Wright should be kicked out of any "responsible metal detecting" group she belongs to.

Mick Aston has left a huge legacy, including a number of important and influential books. To judge by the apparent problems this detractor has here penning four coherent and grammatically correct sentences, I think it a fair bet that Ms Wright will not be revealed to be a writer of books. Who, beyond what we can see here, is Meryl Wright?

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Brian Mattick said...

"MOST archaeologists would agree, most metal detectorists" are indeed stealing history."

Not most archaeologists. All of them.

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