Sunday 30 January 2022



About VIOLITYInternet marketing service in Kiev, Ukraine ( Khreschatyk St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001):

Thousands of collectibles are sold and bought daily on VIOLITY. Our site is recognized by sellers and buyers as one of the most user-friendly, reliable and user-friendly Internet sites in the world. Convenient and well thought-out structure of sections and subsections allows you to spend a minimum amount of time looking for what interests you. In order to become a VIOLITY member as a buyer or seller, you must be a registered user and have a positive balance in your VIOLITY wallet.
5 502 797 active lots
142 000 users
Reliable transaction protection
Own team of consultants
Individual trading setup
Tracking delivery
Administrators: " Oksana, Yevgeny". Moderators: "Vladislav, Georgiy, Konstantin, Oleg, Yuri".

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