Friday 20 May 2022

Caveat, Oh caveat Oh Empies

          Invaluable? Really?         
Who decides? 

One born every minute in Collectaland:
Ihnasiyah Gallery @amery_1 19 maj
Beware, Berners auctions in Ohio USA selling fake ushabtis. A good clue is a) they can't even spell 'ushabti' and b) all figures are photographed laying down at an angle so you can't really see the detail properly. Buyer beware
Egyptian Ushibati 2.5" Long
I think however we can see enough that suggests that this is one of those ridiculous ones that depicts the figure going to work with a socking big winged beetle clasping onto their abdomen. So having decided that this is no older than a modern tourist souk, we might wonder what some enterprising Egyptian seller did to get it look so gunky. My recommendation is to wash your hands after handling and don't let it get it anywhere near food or young children. 

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