Thursday, 5 May 2022

Quick Turnaround

Photo: TimeLine Auctions.

 "A rare British hoard type with associated finds, offered in its entirety [52]". "Found while using a metal detector at Wishanger, Hampshire, UK, 16 March 2021", and already TimeLine Auctions 24th May 2022 Lot 8144. Archaeological context unknown., So, despite what some British treasure hunters say, the Treasure Process can operate quite quickly (when there is no valuation of reward money involved)...


Brian Mattick said...

"Property of a Hampshire gentleman."

So stolen?

Paul Barford said...

Actually, the use of the singular here suggests to me that after being disclaimed, the objects were returned to the landowner (the legal owner) who here would be the one flogging them off. Whether there is a deal to split the proceeds of the sale is up to them to decide.

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