Sunday 1 May 2022

UK Hoikers and Hiders

The British National Council for Metal Detecting SAYS it supports public recording of finds, so that "responsible metal detectorists" can contribute to society's knowledge of the past through reporting artefact they hoik while pocketing them. But since it is sure there are loads of IRresponsible metal detectorists in their ranks, in the interests of symmetry and looking after the lowest common denominator they've produced an app for them:
“The NCMD app is now available for Android and ios, I downloaded it earlier and am impressed with it I especially like fact that if I record a findspot the data stays on my phone not on a server somewhere with who knows who accessing it.”
Not even the landowner can see this information. So they can keep going back again and again to their "sweet spots" and hoik more out without the landowner becoming suspicious.

Hat tip to HA

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Hougenai said...

'Without the landowner becoming suspicious' and without helping archaeologists find and identify sites.
As 'helping archaeologists find sites' is one of the first justifications trolleyed out by detectorists, could one of them help out by explianing how this works both ways?

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