Saturday, 14 May 2022

UK Forum Admits to More Irresponsible Metal Detecting in their Ranks [Updated]

On a metal detecting forum near you, just a mouse click away, you can see a telling indicator of the attitude of entitlement exhibited by many British detectorists. In a forum thread started by newbie "freti" (Fri May 13, 2022) on "Permissions and finds?" in the responses, you will see how they refer to landowners:  Some want to see everything and take their pick of the goodies, others just aren’t interested and are happy for you to take everything. No prizes for guessing which group the grasping muddy-boot-and-grubby hand brigade prefer to be dealing with, the ones that just let them walk off with the lot. But then if they do that, how will they get the protocols assigning title to the hoiked property that the PAS should be asking for before they handle these objects? Or are the ones who jus' walk off wiv it not the ones that are doing the reporting-to-the-PAS bit of so-called "responsible artefact hunting"? Actually, if they would take a look at the "Code of Best Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting" they'd see that entering into such a relationship with a landowner is NOT responsible metal detecting:
[III] After you have been metal-detecting
1. Reporting all archaeological finds to the relevant landowner / occupier; and making it clear to the landowner that you wish to record archaeological finds to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, so the information can pass into the local Historic Environment Record [...].
I am surprised that the PAS is not on these forums doing outreach by keeping artefact hunters informed. Fat lot of good it is having a "Code" if nobody concerned remembers what's in it. It's all for show, innit?

Update 15.05.2022
I see farmer Brown is irritated by these attitudes of entitlement too ('Farmer Brown: detectorist claims farmers are uncultured fools' HA 15.05.2022).

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