Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Britain "the safest place" for World Cultural Heritage?

Dmitry Kiselyov plays clip called “Sunken Island” on Russian State TV

The collectors' arguments about rescuing world ciultural heritage by stashing it away in western museums constantly harp on how "unstable" the countries run by "brown-skinned folk" can be - without recognising the bare fact that at least some of that unstability is caused by us. But confidence that "we" are safer than "them" is actually misplaced, an unprovoked war is tearing out the heart of the continent (Ukraine is mid-way between Portugal and the Urals, Finland and Greece) and lunatic behaviour from Boris and his lot undermines any respect and authority that the Brits feel should be due to them. So we have Dmitry Kiselyov on Russian state TV reminding its audience this week that the President of "Eternal Russia" (sic) has to simply push one button under his desk and... Russian TV shows Ireland and Britain were (sic) annihilated with nuclear weapons in a simulated video (May 4, 2022).  
“Simply put, we are ready now,” he warned. Kislyov pointed to an animation of the Sarmat missile, Russia’s latest nuclear missile, hitting the British Isles and wiping the UK off the map. Britain was “so small that one Sarmat missile would be enough to sink it once and for all,” he said, without providing evidence.
Ready to blast the bits and all that is on their island, he says. Of note is the fact that although the threat is aimed at Great Britain, the epicentre of the proposed Russian strike is on the Irish Republic! Also Britain's neighbours on the North sea and Atlantic coast will not escape damage in such a strike. What lunacy prevails in the Russian Federation of today! No wonder that three decades ago, Ukraine and a whole host of other countries gladly left the Soviet Union and the Soviet Bloc the moment they had a chance and the Russians are having to engage in subterfuge and brute force to make them rejoin. 
This is not the first time that Kiselyov has boasted about Russian nuclear weapons and fake news on his platform during tense moments in Russia’s geopolitical standing. In early 2014, when Russia faced international repercussions over its seizure of Crimea, Kiselyov threatened to turn the United States into “radioactive dust” with a nuclear strike.
The Russians like listening to such aggressive language, it seems it strikes a deep chord in their national psyche. Having such neighbours capable even of articulating such ideas means that safety of anything is merely illusionary.

For another example, see the discussion of the threats directed to the UK made very soon after the first   
involving  Russia's Poseidon Nuclear Drone creating a huge destructive "radioactive tsunami" to wipe the island off the map.   

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