Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Baltimore Illegal Coin Import Stunt: The end

Cultural property Lawyer Rick Hilaire has been the first to share with the world the news Appeals Court Sides with Federal Attorneys in ACCG Baltimore Coin Case. Those of you who are not bored out of your heads trying to plumb the depths of ACCG silliness can read all about it over on his blog.

Now let that be an end to this nonsense. Let the collectors of the ACCG switch from pointless posturing and involvement in stunts to encouraging TRANSPARENCY and RESPONSIBILITY within the US ancient coin market. Let the dealers who've run the ACCG show so far and led the whole discussion down a blind alley withdraw and let somebody else drag US ancient coin collecting out of the nineteenth century darkness which it currently reflects.

But keep the dealers concerned on the watch lists.

UPDATE 25.10.12:
Nope, now they want their coins back.

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