Sunday, 7 October 2012

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Recording Rates

Over on a metal detecting forum near you there is an interesting piece of information published by Rod Blunt (Yesterday at 10:41 am)
Today, Graham Dale has recorded his one-thousanth record on the UKDFD. He is the first recorder to reach this very impressive figure, although there are one or two others who are not too far behind. The first find Graham recorded on the database was [...] uploaded on 23 August 2008 [...] A thousand finds recorded in just over four years is pretty good going, and we wish to offer Graham our congratulations on reaching this milestone. 
The actual time involved is 1504 days, so Mr Dale has been reporting things he's found at a rate of one per 1.5 days. That makes the finds rate at the basis of the Heritage Action Counter look pretty modest. Though almost certainly not all 10 000 + UK metal detectorists are finding reportable archaeological objects at a rate of one every two days or so, figures like this from the UKDFD show the potential for damage. So how many items is Mr Dale actually responsibly reporting to the PAS in addition to the tekkie show-and-tell website? Sadly, since UKDFD has taken to hiding finder information this is impossible to check, though I note that what seems to be that halfpenny (took me a long time to find it, the UKDFD search engine is broken) is NOT recorded anywhere else even after four years above ground.  There is no record of a public recorder called "Graham Dale" in the statistics of the PAS database.

Member dannyroche555 is candid about his own dealings with the artefacts he finds:  
well done graham i am not far behind you mate ive recorded ermmmmmmmmmmmm............  zero  good acheivement   
How many more?  

UPDATE 7.09.12

I am reminded that Mr Dale can be found  here lecturing Heritage Action on the Treasure Act Code of Practice ... not actually doing a very good job of it. Here he features in his very own treasure story: *Detectorist's* very own Graham Dale in the news!!

Vignette: This purports to be his portrait

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