Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Skopje Antiquity Case - Dunlap Sentenced

The verdict in the case of an American woman who as earlier discussedon this blog was reportedly caught trying to leave Macedonia with a bunch of dugup antiquities in her luggage:
A judge in Skopje, Macedonia ruled early today that Dunlap, accused of trying to smuggle 256 coins out of that country considered historical artifacts by the government, will be released, but that she’s banned from entering Macedonia for 10 years, said Adam Buckalew, spokesman for U.S. Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss. Dunlap also must serve a two-year parole from Macedonia in the United States, Buckalew said.[...] Dunlap also must pay a small fine equivalent to about $300 in the United States, Buckalew said.
The journalist apparently does not consider that ancient coins and personal ornaments and two complete pots (grave goods?) are historical artefacts, not by small-town-US standards.

Meanwhile God is being praised on the “Prayers for Candi” Facebook page for speaking to the judge (through the Department of State) and securing this good Christian woman's release.  Neither Obama nor the use of drones were needed.

If the traveller had turned up at a US airport and ICE had found the illicitly exported coins and artefacts in her baggage, what sentence would she get?

Ruth Ingram, 'Meridian medical missionary coming home tonight after being jailed in Macedonia', Clarion Ledger, Oct 24, 2012.


kyri said...

hi paul,auction houses in new york might have to reveal names of consignors,now wouldnt that be nice.

Paul Barford said...

God be Praised.

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