Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crosby Garrett Helmet Keeps Coming Up

After a lengthy silence, David Gill posted some remarks on the Cambridge Heritage Debate on his blog. I was struck by the mention of an object which because of the uncertainties surrounding the circumstances of its discovery, and its subsequent fate, has featured quite prominently on these pages. The topic was one of those discussed:
One in particular revolved around the Crosby Garrett helmet and its inclusion in Bronze! at the Royal Academy. Here is a major piece of Roman heritage that has lost its context, and, if it was indeed found in Cumbria, it is unable to be displayed alongside other Roman finds in Carlisle. It is a pity that some publicly funded bodies have not spoken out strongly about heritage asset stripping.
It is a pity that British archaeologists are keeping quiet too. But the topic has not disappeared from the public consciousness, almost every day there is currently a search on my blog for information on this ill-fated object - some of them from very intriguing locations.

Meanwhile the results of the investigations a few months ago on the site of the discovery are still being suppressed. Why are they being kept from the public? In whose interests is the substitution of rumour for the lack of further public information?

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